Man on the Moon

download (8) Role play • Writing in role • Shared writing • Drawing and annotating. • Story-mapping



  1. Bob, has the most exciting job of anyone I know. He gets up every morning, eats his breakfast and gets into his spaceship for his daily trip to the moon. He has to be there early because his job is to clean the moon and make it ready for the daily influx of visitors from Earth. In between cleaning and welcoming the visitors he sells souvenirs, t-shirts and flags. This is a difficult job but Bob has it down pat. There is some mention of aliens, but we all know aliens don’t exist, don’t we? There seems to be little green aliens in many of the beautiful pictures, but they are not mentioned and left to our imagination, as they are in real life. At the end of the day, Bob cleans up what he can, climbs into his spaceship and zooms back to earth. He eats his dinner and goes to bed to get ready for a new day of excitement on the moon.

  2. Cross curricular: science

    Themes: working hard, resilience, imagination

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