I was a rat!

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  1. Gathering ideas phase
    writing tasks:
    • Storytelling
    • Writing in role
    • Playscript
    • Newspaper
    • Debate and
    persuasive writing
    Unit outcome 1:
    Persuasive writing

  2. I WAS A RAT!’

    So insists Roger. Maybe it’s true. But what is he NOW?

    A terrifying monster rampaging in the sewers?
    The Daily Scourge is sure of it.

    A money-spinning fairground freak?
    He is to Mr Tapscrew.

    A champion wriggler and a downy card?
    That’s what Billy hopes.

    Or just an ordinary small boy, though a little ratty in his habits? Only three people believe this version of the story. Only one of them knows who Roger really is. And luckily a story about her can sell even more newspapers than one about a rat-boy …

  3. Cross curricular: Design technology, ICT

    Themes: newspapers, right form wrong. greed

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